Terms & Conditions


The terms and conditions for the usage of the website iHunt.eu

1. Terms
1.1. Throughout this document, the following capitalized terms will have, unless otherwise indicated, the meanings specified below:
TRADEMARKS: represent the registered trademarks of S.C. iHunt Technology Import Export S.A., such as, but not limited to, iHunt.
WEBSITE: is the Internet domain of iHunt, located at www.iHunt.eu, through which the USER has access to information about the services and products offered / provided by iHunt.
IHUNT: represents the S.C. iHunt Technology Import Export S.A., with headquarters in located in Vestului Rd., No. 1A, West Mall Building, 5th Floor, Ploiesti, Prahova, registered at the Prahova Commerce Registry under no. J29 / 330/2015 and having the Unique Registration Code 34184455, fiscal attribute RO.
USER: is the person accessing the SITE for private or professional purposes and has accepted the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this SITE, fulfilling in this regard all the requirements of the registration process.
ABUSIVE USAGE: represents the use of the Site in a manner contrary to applicable practice, regulations and laws in force or in any other way that may cause harm to the Site.

 2. Site content
2.1. The information published on the SITE is the information of general interest about iHunt, the products marketed by it, its partners, and other information considered by iHunt to be of interest to USERS.
2.2. The information is provided to the USERS, as a rule, free of charge. iHunt reserves the right to implement certain services on the SITE that will be provided at the cost of the USERS.
2.3. iHunt is the owner of all intellectual property rights on the SITE, its design and content as well as all registered trademarks. USER has the obligation to respect all intellectual property rights of iHunt, provided by the legislation in force.

 3. Site utilization
3.1. USER agrees to access and use the SITE for purposes and means that are not abusive.

 4. Limiting the liability of S.C. iHunt Technology Import Export S.A.
4.1. Responsibility for SITE content. iHunt is not and can not be held responsible for damages caused by errors, inaccuracies or inactivity of information published or maintained on SITE, which is not due to its fault.
4.2. If the prices or other details about the products / promotions were mistaken, including because they were mistakenly entered in the database, we assign the right to cancel the delivery of the product and to notify via the telephone / e- mail in the shortest time, about the error, if the product has not yet been delivered.
4.3. The features of the products presented on the SITE are retrieved / made available by manufacturers and / or suppliers and iHunt does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of this information.
4.4. The prices of the products on this site are informative and can be subject to unannounced changes. The promotions submitted on the SITE are valid during the mentioned time period / if no time is specified, they are valid within the available inventory limits. All products presented on this SITE are available within the physical stock available. In case of stock depletion, iHunt representative will offer alternatives by presenting other similar products with similar technical specifications and physical specifications with the ordered product whose stock has been exhausted.
4.5. Images are also shown on the SITE as an example, and the products delivered may differ from images in any way due to changes in features and design without prior notice by manufacturers.
4.6. A pre-order product is a product that is not physically stored in the online store, it is to be brought and can be purchased before the deadline displayed on the SITE. By making a pre-order, you make sure you get the product right after bringing it into the physical stock and that you will benefit from a very good price. Pre-ordered items will be shipped on the day they are brought into stock. Pre-orders are paid in the same way as a normal order, by any of the accepted payment methods. The online payment does not guarantee the shipping of the products, you need to wait for the confirmation by phone or email from an operator when the product becomes available. You can give up at any time a pre-order. If the latter has already been paid, you can opt for a refund or crediting your account for another order.
4.7. Product Warranty - The purchased products benefit to a 12 / 24 month warranty for legal entities / individuals based on the original invoice and original guarantee certificate. The external / internal batteries / batteries for the phones have a 6 month warranty and are considered consumable.
All products marketed through our site are new with all the original accessories. Because products are important from the extra Community space, during import customs operations, the products can be dismantled for verification in accordance with the legislation in force. This process is normal for all products imported from outside the European Union and does not involve any risk to the consumer. The products are new, unused and have no functional or aesthetic problems.
The following situations lead to the loss of the warranty: traces of fluid contact inside the machine, mechanical shock, shocks - bumps / scratches, broken display or touchscreen, use of improvised or unapproved accessories by the vendor, unauthorized operation of the device software (deletion of IMEI , resetting, changing the operating system with another version), unauthorized user intervention inside the product, triggering shock / water sensors in the phone. Should one of these occur, the product will be returned to the customer and the warranty will be voided.
Products marked Anti-Shock, Water Resistant or Dustproof are subject to the same terms and conditions. These products benefit from additional properties and functionality that can provide them with increased protection in the event of accidents, compared to common use equipment, but they are not indestructible.
The warranty related warranty period varies from case to case and does not exceed 15 days (if parts that are not in stock in Romania are required). During the warranty period, the average term for solving the issues covered by the guarantee is 3-10 business days.
The following are not subject to warranty, products that have physical defects such as blows, cracks, cuts, burnt parts or burrs, etc., damaged or removed warp or seals, products used in inappropriate conditions (inadequate supply voltages, subject to high temperature and pressure variations, mechanical shocks, incorrect handling, use of products in humid, dusty, noxious or chemical action, etc.), incorrect settings and installations, groundless plugs, penetration of liquids, metals or other substances in the inside of the equipment, mechanical or plastic intervention on the products, connection or disconnection of certain components during the operation of the equipment.
CAREFUL! Phones sent on the warranty must not contain personal data or be  password-protected. Otherwise, the phone will be returned to the customer for compliance.
4.8 Unilateral termination of the contract
The return of the products is accepted according to the terms and conditions mentioned below and is in accordance with Romanian O.U.G. 34/2014 on consumer rights in contracts concluded with professionals, as well as for amending and completing some normative acts:
Products subject to online orders may be returned within 14 days of receipt; before the expiration of the withdrawal period, the consumer has the right to withdraw from this contract within 14 calendar days from the day of delivery of the product. Return costs are paid by the consumer. We recommend that you keep the original packaging to protect the integrity of your products. Products that are not packed properly will not be accepted.
Returned product must be in the same state as delivered; the consumer is only responsible for diminishing the value of the products resulting from their handling.
The return of the products can be done by sending the products through a courier company, according to the instructions in the Warranty Certificate, together with the original Certificate of Guarantee (with the completed form and bank account of the person in the invoice) and a copy of the invoice.
Exceptions to the right of return are exemplified, but are not limited to the following (in accordance with Article 16 of Romanian Government Emergency Ordinance 34/2014):
a. Software licenses (this category includes products with preinstalled systems);
b. Consumables (accumulators, printer cartridges, etc.);
The withdrawal period - individuals is 14 calendar days.
The withdrawal period - legal persons is 3 calendar days.
Returning money for legal entities will be done only through a payment order, regardless of the original payment method, within 30 days of the receipt of the return.
After receiving the package and finding the product's original status, the sale will be canceled and the money will be returned to the buyer.
Packages sent with a refund for the purpose of returning money will not be considered.
4.9. iHunt reserves the right to complete and modify any information on the SITE.
4.10. Any issue caused by the products and / or services submitted on the SITE will be settled amicably within 15 business days of the date of written notice for the problems claimed by the USER.
4.11. iHunt is not responsible for any loss, cost, process, claim, expense or other liability, if it is directly caused by a non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions.
4.12. iHunt is not responsible for damages caused by the failure of the Site and for those resulting from the impossibility to access certain links published on the Site.
4.13. We inform you that any complaints about product aesthetic deficiencies will be considered and will only be verified if they are claimed within the first 48 hours of receiving the product.
4.14. The payment methods for completing an online order are the following:
- online via MobilPay

4.15. Registering the order is not a confirmation / acceptance of it. After the order is received, it will be processed by our operators to confirm and establish the delivery details.  Delivery time is 7-14 business days from order confirmation.
4.16. During Easter, Winter, Black Friday, as well as throughout the company's other campaigns, processing and delivery can take more than 14 days.
4.17. Please check the integrity and contents of the package at the moment of receipt. Any subsequent claim relating to the integrity of the package or product will not be taken into account.

5. Accessing the ihunt.eu SITE
Involves USERS consent that their personal data will be kept and processed by iHunt. The purposes of processing these data are: to create a database for, informing about iHunt promotions or any other promotions or activities carried out by iHunt by any means of communication (post, e-mail, phone, text message, etc.), informing USERS regarding the status of their Account, including the validation, dispatching and billing of orders, resolving cancellations or any issues related to an order to the purchased goods and / or services.
SC iHunt Technology Import Export S.R.L. is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. SC iHunt Technology Import Export S.R.L. undertakes that personal data will not be disseminated to third parties by sale, partial disclosure, or rental. The only exceptions to this rule are the carriers, the billing program, the telephone operator that manages iHunt, the e-mail distributor, the financial institutions involved in providing the application service for obtaining a financing solution. They perform specific actions agreed by iHunt, based on an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and contract, documents that are validated by the Legal Department.

6. Data Collection - is done by completing the data in the Account Creation and / or Order Form, USER declares and accepts unconditionally that its personal data are included in the iHunt database and expressly and unambiguously agrees that all such personal data be stored, used and processed for the purposes set out in point 5.

7. Restricted access and (un) subscription - there are areas in the site that require registration (see Registration) or subscription (see newsletter). In the case of the newsletter, each edition / alert also contains the unsubscribe form; Once this option is accessed, the unsubscription is immediately applied, and no further user confirmations are required. Depending on the type of registration (creating a site account, newsletter subscription), the user can be requested data such as: name, surname, email, address, Personal identification number-CNP, etc. This data is used to identify, validate, or fill in your subscriber account, invoice, shipping note, or application to obtain a financial solution.

8. Cookies - the site ihunt.eu uses cookies, these being data stored on the user's hard disk containing information about it. Using the cookie mechanism is an advantage for the visitors, saving the storage of some site navigation options such as the language in which the site is displayed, the type of filters that apply to displaying certain pages, storing your username and password for quick access to site content. Not accepting a cookie does not mean that the user will be denied access to the site's browsing content reading. With cookies, site owners can monitor and segment users' interests over certain areas or applications of the site, which subsequently enables them to improve their browsing experience, enter relevant user content, etc. Some of our business partners use cookies on our site, for example, those who advertise. However, we do not have access to and can not control these cookies.

9. Links - this site contains links to other sites. SC iHunt Technology Import Export S.A. is not responsible for the privacy policy that they apply. We recommend prior consultation of legal terms and other information about collecting personal information. The rules outlined in this text apply only to information collected on this site.

10. Notifications and actions regarding user information - at the written request of the users, dated and signed, sent to iHunt address, it obligates: a) to confirm to the applicants whether they process personal data or not; this is done free of charge; b) to rectify, update, block, delete or transform anonymous data, free of charge, data whose processing does not comply with the provisions of Romanian Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of such data; c) to cease processing the user's personal data if he so requests.

11. Communicating Changes If a person's identification information changes (such as a postal code) or if a user wishes to quit our services, we will be responsible for correcting, updating or removing those personal data that we have been entrusted by the user. This communication can be made at info@ihunt.eu or in writing and sent to iHunt.
Any changes to the terms of this policy will be communicated to users by email so that they are always informed about the information we collect, how we use them, and under what circumstances, if any, we will make them public. Users may or may not agree to the use of information for other purposes. We will use the information in accordance with the policy under which the information was collected.

12. Security This site adopts all the security measures required to protect the personal information of our users. Upon completing our personal information on our site, the information will be protected both offline and online. All personal information will be processed through secure pages using the SSL encryption system, marked with a lock symbol.
By agreeing to this "Privacy Policy", users assume their full potential risks.

Law no. 363/2007: privind combaterea practicilor incorecte ale comerciantilor in relatia cu consumatorii si armonizarea reglementarilor cu legislatia europeana privind protectia consumatorilor
Law no. 449/2003: privind vanzarea produselor si garantiile asociate acestora
Ordinance no. 21/1992: privind protectia consumatorilor
Ordinance no. 34/2014: privind protectia consumatorilor la incheierea si executarea contractelor la distanta. Any complaints received from legal entities will not be considered.